"Ann Sheppard" is the forty-fifth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Madison tracks down John Sheppard's mother.


The chapter begins with Madison entering a hospital to meet John Sheppard's mother, Ann Sheppard. She hopes to find out what happened to John's brother, specifically his name. After talking with the receptionist Madison is directed to Ann's room at the end of the hallway. When Madison enters and asks her about her sons, it is clear she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Ann is able to remember very little from her past and her mind wanders frequently. Madison aids her memory by showing her different objects relating to her past. Ann starts to recall more and more. Madison is eventually able to get the information she needs. Having discovered the name she needs, she leaves the hospital, ending the chapter.



Madison tries to help Ann remember about her kids.

Talk to the receptionist then go through the big doors and down the hall to number 19 to meet Ann Sheppard. In order to jog Ann's memory collect the following:

  • The origami figures on the table.
  • Go to the desk next to Ann and open the upper drawer to find a photo of the twins.
  • Retrieve an orchid from the hall for Ann's flower vase.
  • Use the origami book to make a paper dog.

Ann will remember everything about the incident and what happened to the twins. She will then say her surviving son's name by whispering it in Madison's ear.


  • When Ann reveals the identity of the Origami Killer to Madison Paige, Madison is extremely shocked; however, this is a plot hole because until this point in the game Madison has had no interaction with or knowledge of the killer's real persona/name.
    • Being a journalist, Madison may have come across the killer's name or done a story on him during his time on the police force. He made the rank of lieutenant and is shown to be very good in a fight and an excellent gunman, but there is no concrete evidence that she has ever seen or heard of him before.
  • Ann Sheppard's name was taken from Cecelia Ann Shepard, a victim of the Zodiac Killer.
  • Ann complains that she has no TV, yet there is clearly one in her room.
    • She may have simply forgotten about it due to her Alzheimer's.
    • Some hospitals have TV but have the cable disconnected until the patient pays a fee, and since Ann states she has no money, it may be present but inoperable.
  • This chapter will be skipped if Madison dies in "The Doc."