Antony Hickling, Voice and motion capture actor for Gordi Kramer. Also provided the model for Ash.

Antony Hickling is an English actor who provided his voice and appearance to Gordi Kramer, and his model for Ash in the critically acclaimed game, Heavy Rain. Antony, like most actors/actresses in the games, has been in many films as either a side character or an extra. He is most known for Arthur 3: The War of Two Worlds (2010) and The Lady (2011).


  • 8th Wonderland (2008) as Danny.
  • Arthur 3: The War of Two Worlds (2010) as Douglas.
  • The Lady (2011) as The BBC journalist.
  • Little Gay Boy (2013) as Client 3.
  • Misunderstood (2014) as Ricky.
  • Le ciel au-dessus de Bastille (2014) as Derek Anger.
  • Connasse, princesse des coeurs (2015) as William.
  • Killing Uncle Roman (2015) as Greg.


Antony Hickling's IMDb page

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