Aurelie Bancilhon

Aurélie Bancilhon, voice and motion capture actress for Lauren Winter.

Aurélie Bancilhon is a French American actress who provides the voice and motion capture for Lauren Winter in Heavy Rain. She has also appeared in several short films, the TV movie De feu et de glace (2008), and the TV series Jo (2013).


  • Petits mythes urbains (2003) as a Passenger
  • Misconception (2007) as Sabaline
  • C'est l'aventure (2007) as Suzanne
  • Terres noires (2008) as The Creature
  • De feu et de glace (2008) as Katie
  • Monsieur frere du roi (2009) as Henriette
  • Jo (2013) as Silvie Ferrier


Aurélie Bancilhon's IMDb page

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