• Mythril Wyrm

    After noticing that Leon95 is no longer going to be contributing to this wiki and talking to him about the lack of active admins, I have applied to adopt this wiki. I've noticed a number of articles that need to be moved and/or deleted (such as the article about Heavy Rain 2), and while I've seen very little vandalism during my time on the wiki, we do need people who can keep their eyes open for troublemakers, clean up and expand articles, and make sure that all of this wiki's content meets a high standard of quality.

    If my adoption application is accepted, I will appoint at least one other admin to help me out and carry the torch if something happens that forces me to stop editing. Considering the size of the wiki and the relative lack of t…

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  • Lee Evereet 333

    Mine are...

    1.Ethan Mars

    2. Scott Shelby

    3. Norman Hayden

    4. Madison Paige

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  • Syndake Stricky

    Hey guys, I'm new to this wiki, but I believe I can make this wiki a better place, and with more information... I would love to help out.. Thanks!

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  • Pof203


    January 13, 2014 by Pof203

    If they should make a Heavy Rain 2, here's what I think would happen: Someone is preforming a copy cat crime of the 'Origami Killer'. And you have to solve the mystery before a life is lost.

    Here are the characters:


    • Shaun Mars: Age 16. Shaun is trying so hard to forget the day he almost died, but recurring nighterrors he has every night keep reminding him of that day. Because of this, he sometimes has back-outs just like his father. He hides this from his parents and stepmother as not to worry them. When the new Origami Killer is loose and kidnaps his adopted brother, Max, Shaun will do what he must to save him.
    • Ethan Mars: Age 44. Shaun's father, Grace's ex-husband, Madison's husband, and Max's adopted father. Depite that his life ha…
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  • Totaldramaagain

    I don't get this.

    January 2, 2014 by Totaldramaagain

    So, the rain amount increases from time to time, right? They have 72 hours to save Shaun, which means that it would have to rain 2 full inches a day.

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  • LisaGarland

    Since I'm working on other wikis for the time being, I've really been neglecting to check this one. Many of you have notified me about vandalism, which I am unable to stop immediately due to my being preoccupied.

    So, I'd like to give admin rights to 1-2 trusted users on this wiki. Admin privileges will allow you to:

    • Block and ban users who vandalize the wiki, or repeatedly/seriously violate the rules
    • Rollback bad edits (use this sparingly; only for vandalism)
    • Delete a page or image
    • Undelete a page or image
    • Protect a page
    • Moderate the wiki chat
    • Access the admin dashboard
    • Edit the wiki theme design (please don't do so without asking me, please!)
    • Edit the wiki css (but seriously, don't touch this)

    As an admin, your main duty in this situation will be to…

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  • LisaGarland

    YAY! RENOVATIONS! This is why it may look a bit weird in some places, but I assure you it will be beautiful in the end! Have a suggestion? Just leave a message on my talk page! Have fun, and may you very much enjoy the wiki!

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  • LisaGarland

    Hey, guys. My name's Kelly and I'm the founder of the Tale of Tales Wiki and the Xenoblade Wiki, and an administrator on the Xenosaga Wiki, the Silent Hill Wiki, the Rule of Rose Wiki, the Clock Tower Wiki, and the Alice Wiki. Considering how I love Heavy Rain, I am deeply interested in adopting this wiki (becoming an admin). Once I get adminship, I plan to clean up the wiki, add nice skin and background, and more organize the templates and tabs. Please look at my work on the other wikis and support me becoming an admin so I can send my request to Wikia. Thanks!

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  • Scarlet Fitch

    I came, I saw, I conquered!!!


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  • Ausir

    Wikia's Game of the Year vote

    December 17, 2010 by Ausir

    You can vote for your favorite game of the year in Wikia's Top Games of 2010 poll. It doesn't have to be Heavy Rain, of course - there have been quite a few excellent games released this year. If your favorite game is not on the list yet, you can simply add it.

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  • PotatOS

    Are there any...?

    May 10, 2010 by PotatOS

    Whee! The first blog...!

    Well, I have questions:

    • Are there any admins here?
    • Are there any active contributors here?

    I ask because I may establish a Task Force from the CoDWikia, if enough people have the game...

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  • Norman Jayden

    Hey all, you're probably reading this at least a month after i've posted it, but i'm just introducing myself. I'm adding all the information I know to articles and will try to add more as I find it. Pumped for this game!

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