As part of its "interactive movie" concept, Heavy Rain is divided into a series of chapters, like a DVD. Each focuses specifically on one of the four protagonists at a time (though some focus on two or three).

List of chapters Edit

Number Name Character(s) controlled Notes
1 Prologue Ethan Mars Gameplay tutorial
2 The Mall Ethan Mars
3 Father and Son Ethan Mars
4 Sleazy Place Scott Shelby
5 Crime Scene Norman Jayden
6 The Shrink Ethan Mars
7 The Park Ethan Mars
8 Where's Shaun? Ethan Mars
9 Welcome, Norman Norman Jayden, Ethan Mars
10 Hassan's Shop Scott Shelby
11 Sleepless Night Madison Paige
12 Paparazzi Ethan Mars
13 Lexington Station Ethan Mars
14 The Motel Ethan Mars
15 Kick Off Meeting Norman Jayden
16 Nathaniel Norman Jayden
17 Suicide Baby Scott Shelby
18 The Bear Ethan Mars First of five trials
19 First Encounter Madison Paige, Ethan Mars
20 Covered Market Norman Jayden
21 A Visitor Scott Shelby
22 Kramer's Party Scott Shelby
23 The Butterfly Ethan Mars Second of five trials
24 The Nurse Madison Paige, Ethan Mars
25 Police News Norman Jayden
26 Shrink and Punches Norman Jayden
27 The Golf Club Scott Shelby
28 The Lizard Ethan Mars Third of five trials
29 Fugitive Madison Paige, Ethan Mars Ethan can be arrested here
30 Jayden Blues Norman Jayden
31 Under Arrest Norman Jayden Will take place after Ethan's first arrest (in either "Fugitive" or "On the Loose" [if Norman is still alive])
32 Manfred Scott Shelby
33 The Shark Ethan Mars Fourth of five trials
34 The Doc Madison Paige Madison can die here
35 Mad Jack Norman Jayden Norman can die here
36 Eureka Scott Shelby
37 The Cemetery Scott Shelby
38 Twins John Sheppard's twin brother Flashback
39 Flowers on the Grave Scott Shelby
40 Sexy Girl Madison Paige Will be skipped if Madison is dead
41 Fish Tank Norman Jayden Will be skipped if Norman is dead

Norman can die here

42 On the Loose Ethan Mars, Madison Paige Ethan and Madison can start a romance here

Ethan can be arrested here

43 Trapped Scott Shelby Lauren Winter can die here
44 Face to Face Scott Shelby
45 Ann Sheppard Madison Paige Will be skipped if Madison is dead
46 The Rat Ethan Mars Fifth of five trials

Will be skipped if Ethan is in police custody

47 Solving the Puzzle Norman Jayden Will be skipped if Norman is dead

Norman can die here

48 Goodbye Lauren N/A Will be skipped if Lauren Winter is dead
49 Hold My Hand John Sheppard's twin brother Flashback
50 Origami Killer The Origami Killer Reveals the killer's identity
51 Killer's Place Madison Paige Will be skipped if Madison is dead

Madison can die here

52 The Old Warehouse Madison Paige, Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden Will not be playable if Ethan is in police custody and both Madison and Norman are dead

Madison, Ethan, and Norman can all die here

53 The Taxidermist Madison Paige Bonus DLC

Occurs two years before Heavy Rain chronologically

List of epilogues Edit

Main article: Endings

Reading any of the following articles will give away spoilers. Please consider waiting until you have finished the game before you read them.

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