Chewies heavy rain

Strawberry Chewies

Chewies are a fictional type of candy that exist in the Heavy Rain universe. They are seen when Ethan Mars takes his son, Shaun, to the park. Strawberry Chewies are purchasable from a vendor in the park. Several flavors of Chewies exist, but only strawberry and marshmallow are ever mentioned. Shaun says that while he hates strawberry, he loves marshmallow ones, which his mother would have known. When Ethan turns to take the Strawberry Chewies back to the stall Shaun takes them from his hand and says "thanks it was nice of you anyway." Ethan feels terrible for not knowing that his son hates strawberry and one of his thoughts will be of how he should have known he doesn't like strawberry and that he doesn't know his own son anymore.


  • Chewies must be purchased in order to earn the "Good Friends" trophy.
  • Chewies can be purchased when you ask Shaun whether he's hungry.

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