Clarence Dupré
Debut The Shrink
Gender Male
Age 38
Birthdate February 26, 1973
Status Alive
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Occupation Therapist
Model Conrad Cecil
Voice Conrad Cecil
There is no physical damage from the accident. However, I am worried about your psychological condition.

-Dupré to Ethan Mars about his accident

Clarence Dupré is a minor character in Heavy Rain.

Dupré is the therapist of Ethan Mars, and attempts to cure him of his psychological problems after his son Jason dies. Norman Jayden and Carter Blake also visit him to get him to talk about Ethan. While playing as Norman Jayden, you can either allow Blake to beat him or confront Blake and stop him from beating Dupré.

Chapter appearancesEdit


  • Both of the chapters in which Clarence Dupré appears have the word "Shrink" in the title.
  • Dupré is modeled and voiced by Conrad Cecil.