"Crime Scene" is the fifth chapter in Heavy Rain. It and the previous chapter are the only chapters featured in the game's demo.


In this chapter you meet Norman Jayden, an FBI agent sent to help solve the Origami Killer case. He'll use the Added Reality Interface (ARI) to analyze the crime scene and look for clues. This is the player's first interaction with the local police force and Lieutenant Carter Blake, the lead local investigator.


The player is introduced to Norman Jayden and his addiction to the fictional drug Triptocaine. Jayden exits his car and enters the crime scene. It is an open lot with train tracks running through one end and a tall embankment that leads up to a highway. The player can have Jayden use ARI (a pair of sunglasses and a glove that allow Jayden to collect and analyze evidence almost instantly) to investigate the crime scene. Jayden can also interact with local officers and the lead investigator Lt. Carter Blake. In the center of the open lot is a tent covering the victim and attempting to preserve evidence from the driving rain. Jayden's evidence gathering will lead him up the embankment to the highway (the trip up the embankment may ruin his suit if the player isn't careful). At the conclusion of the chapter, he returns to his vehicle with his collected evidence.


NahmanJayden xD

Norman in the beginning of the chapter.

Exit the car and walk over to the two cops by the police tape blocking off the crime scene. Show your badge when they stop you, and you can ask if they know where Blake is. Duck under the police tape and walk past the fence to the open dirt area. When you get inside, you'll pull out your ARI glasses and glove, which alters the way you see things around you. You can press R1 at any time to scan the area in a short radius around you. If there is a clue in your scan, it will pop up into an indicator and you can approach it to examine the clue more closely. The directions depend on where the clue is and if there are other clues nearby (you'll have other instructions for multiple clues so you can differentiate between them).


Using ARI

You can talk to Blake before or after you start looking around. If you haven't talked to him when you look under the white tent where the body lies, he'll come over and ask what you're doing. You can ask him questions until he gets annoyed with you, or you can choose to leave him yourself to get back to investigating.

Starting at the body, you'll want to look at each of the four clues there: the blood on the victim's leg, the origami figure in his hand, the orchid on his chest and the mud on his face. After that, you can look at his hand again to learn the boy's name is Jeremy Bowles.


Using ARI

Head into the center of the area and scan while you walk. You should spot a golden trail hanging in the air. Follow this to the orchid pollen clue, then keep following it to the blood on the train tracks. The pollen trail ends at the fence, but you'll see more blood on it over there. After checking the blood on the fence, you'll have the option to climb the muddy hill. This requires a series of combo instructions, so hold down the buttons as they appear to make it up all three stages of the hill. At the top, scan again and examine the tire tracks.

Going back down the hill is also tricky, but this time you'll need to make quicktime button presses. You can gather the clues in any order, such as going up the hill before examining the body, but when you're all done Jayden will say that he's found just about everything, letting you know you can leave. Head back out of the area the way you came, optionally telling Blake that you're going, then get back in your car to end the chapter.


  • FBI Investigator – Find all the clues
  • Nerd – Find all the clues in this chapter, Mad Jack and Fish Tank. Then discover the Origami Killer's identity in Solving the Puzzle.


  • This is the first chapter to involve Norman Jayden. It is also the first time he is seen to use Triptocaine.
  • The second train will not come if Norman is on the train tracks.
  • There is a dead cat on the left end of the train tracks, before and after the second train comes. Norman can examine it using ARI.
  • You can have a short conversation with the police officers to the right, as well as get some coffee.
  • Britney Sanders (from the "Dead Heroine" ending) makes a short appearance in this chapter, reporting from the crime scene.
  • There are two glitches in this chapter: the chapter itself will not load, and talking to the lone officer near the entrance can result in the game crashing.
  • Crime Scene is the second chapter featured in the Heavy Rain demo.
  • This chapter introduces Carter Blake.
  • After climbing the hill, the player can guide Norman into traffic. A short cutscene will play where a car hits a puddle and splashes him. He then gives a gesture telling the driver to "Fuck off!"
  • This is the first chapter which Norman's suit can be ruined.
  • It is impossible to go into the tent without getting introduced to Blake.
  • If you walk away from Carter you will be given an option of "coming" or "not coming" when you are talking to him. If you choose not coming it will cut the conversation short; however, the cutscene where Blake says that he and Jayden are on the same team and winks with his right eye is still present.
  • After you inspect the body, you can go back to Norman's car without checking the tire tracks and leave the crime scene. Later on, the tire tracks will be discovered in Norman's ARI when going over clues via satellite image. While this is the only piece of evidence that Norman can miss but is discovered later, it should be noted that if the satellite finds the tracks instead of Norman, the Nerd trophy will not be awarded.