Diane Dassigny

Diane Dassigny, motion capture actress for Britney Sanders.

Diane Dassigny (born November 12, 1983) is a French actress, musician, and singer who provides the motion capture for Britney Sanders in Heavy Rain. She has also had roles in numerous movies, shorts, and TV series, including Organik (2004) and Ma vie est belle (2012), also serving as the producer of the latter, and performed "C'est bientôt la fin" in Mozart l'opéra Rock 3D (2011).


  • Les merisiers (1992) as Chloé
  • La colline aux mille enfants (1994) as Sophie
  • Terrain glissant (1995) as Sarah
  • Nini (1997) as Janique
  • La femme d'un seul homme (1998) as Vanessa
  • Marcel Proust's Time Regained (1999) as Pianist, Bal de Tête
  • Chacun chez soi (2000) as Gaëlle
  • This Is My Body (2001) as Ida
  • La bête de miséricorde (2001) as Caroline Fortin
  • The Holy Child (2001) as Marie
  • Passage du bac (2002) as Julie
  • Organik (2004) as Sonia
  • The Gospel According to Aime (2005) as La jeune mariée
  • God in My Pocket (2006) as Diane
  • L'amour, c'est mieux à deux (2010) as Stella
  • Mozart l'opéra Rock 3D (2011) as Constance
  • Ma vie est belle (2012) as producer
  • Irrésistible (2013) as Jeune femme ascenseur
  • Mallory (2016) as Christine


Diane Dassigny's IMDb page

Diane Dassigny's official site

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