Edward Hamilton-Clark is an actor who provides the voices of Ash and Glenn Sanders in Heavy Rain. He has also had roles in movies, TV series, and video games such as Bon voyage (2003) and Female Agents (2008).


  • Highlander (1997) as U.S. Guard
  • Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern (2001) (as E. Hamilton Clarck)
  • Bon voyage (2003)
  • The Statement (2003) as Father Thiers (as Edward Hamilton Clark)
  • Female Agents (2008) as Officier anglais 2
  • 8th Wonderland (2008) as Johnson
  • Murphy's Law (2009) as Grand reporter
  • Jo (2013) as Spécialiste des empreintes


Edward Hamilton-Clark's IMDb page

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