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There are several ways that Heavy Rain can end. One ending may be having all the characters die and not finding the Origami Killer. Another may be having all the characters survive and eventually find him. The main points that decide the ending the player receives are who is alive, who is dead and whether Shaun Mars was saved or not. It should be noted that if Shaun dies and Ethan lives, Ethan will always commit suicide.

Ethan MarsEdit

Ending Title Requirements Epilogue Results
Ethan's Grave
A New Start
A New Life
Origami Blues Ethan survives and evades arrest; Shaun dies; Madison is either never kissed, rejected or dies.

Ethan sits in the motel, takes the gun from the Shark Trial and shoots himself.

Tears In the Rain

Ethan is arrested and doesn't escape; Shaun dies.

Ethan is framed as the Origami Killer and imprisoned with dozens of origami figures in his cell, where he hangs himself.

Ethan is arrested and doesn't escape; Shaun lives.

Ethan's innocence is proven and he is released from prison, and is greeted by Shaun and Grace, where it is implied that they will try to mend their relationship.

Madison PaigeEdit

Ending Title Gameplay Conditions Epilogue Results
Dead Heroine

Madison dies.

Britney Sanders stands at Madison's grave, reporting her tragic death, thens shows her actual indifference afterwards. If Ethan is still alive, he can be seen watching Madison's grave from afar.
Heroine Ethan either dies or rejects Madison and is arrested; Madison survives and reaches the warehouse; Shaun is saved. Madison saves Shaun and is praised as a heroine. She appears on a talk show and writes a book titled "Heavy Rain" about her experience. At a book signing, someone named Vincent says that she deserves a more "ferocious" adversary. When she looks up, he's gone.
Square One Ethan dies or rejects Madison or is arrested; Madison survives, but either Shaun is dead or Madison doesn't reach the warehouse. Madison's insomnia begins to get worse as she can't tell reality from her dreams. After Sam leaves another message on her phone (clearly worried about her), intruders from her first scene surround her, and the scene ends there.

Norman JaydenEdit

Ending Title Gameplay Conditions Epilogue Results

Jayden dies.

Captain Perry invites Blake to Jayden's funeral, to which Blake happily declines. Perry does not mind, allowing Blake to keep Jayden's ARI glasses. Blake puts them on, and sees Jayden in the simulated environment, much to his shock. This implies that Jayden's persona, through overuse of ARI, was "uploaded" by it, and still lives after death through the glasses as a digital ghost.
Resignation Shaun and Jayden both survive, but Jayden does not make it to the old warehouse. Unable to resolve the case, Jayden resigns from the FBI, saying that he wants to live a normal life. His boss tells him that he can keep the ARI glasses because a newer model will become standard issue. Jayden denies his offer, saying they won't help him in the real world. He places the glasses on the desk and leaves.
Case Closed Norman reaches the warehouse and survives; Shaun is saved. Jayden is hailed as a hero and appears on a talk show. Later, he is seen in a bathroom, and flushes a vial of Tripto down the toilet, overcoming his addiction. If he uses Triptocaine even once by the player's command, he is then seen in a new office working with ARI, and sees miniature tanks appear on his desk. He sees them again even after he takes the glasses off, implying either Tripto, ARI or both have given him brain damage.
Smoking Mirror

Norman lives; no one reaches the warehouse and Shaun dies.

Norman is in an ARI environment without the glasses, talking with an off-screen voice about his guilt over not saving Shaun Mars. The voice warns him about the dangers of using Triptocaine as a solution, and that the drug may have already affected him more than he realizes. The voice is revealed to be a copy of Norman himself, and the scene transitions to Jayden in a motel room, on the floor, dying of a drug overdose.

Scott ShelbyEdit

Ending Title Gameplay Conditions Epilogue Results
Origami's Grave

Scott dies in The Old Warehouse.

Lauren stands at Scott's grave. She damns him for his actions, spits on his grave and walks away. If Lauren is dead, it will simply show Scott's grave.

A Mother's Revenge

Scott and Lauren Winter survive, and Scott is not caught.

Lauren confronts Scott on the street, and honors her promise to her son by shooting him.


Scott survives, and Lauren drowns in Trapped.

Scott walks through a crowded, rainy street, succeeding in all of his crimes.

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