Madison and Ethan enjoy each other's company.

"A New Life" is the better of two possible endings to the stories of Ethan Mars and Madison Paige in Heavy Rain, which they can get if they survive and are in a relationship at the end of the game. It is the best ending for both Ethan and Madison.

Characters Edit

Ending Edit

Ethan, Madison and Shaun tour an apartment, which Ethan says "a friend of a friend" made available for them. Shaun quickly decides on the most suitable place for his room. Ethan mentions that if the house is good, it's theirs, to which Madison replies that it's perfect. Madison tells Ethan that they have earned their peace after everything they've done and after some time, everything will end up as a dream; it is implied that they have married. Shaun then teases them both by running in between them, leading Ethan to playfully chase him around the apartment. Madison is left watching the pair play, laughing.

Requirements Edit

  • Ethan survives.
  • Madison survives.
  • Shaun is rescued.
  • Ethan kisses Madison, forgives her, and evades arrest.
  • It doesn't matter if anything happens to Scott and Jayden in this case.


  • This is widely considered to be the best ending in the entire game because it showcases the main characters being able to live under the best possible circumstances. It is also possible to get Norman's "Resignation" ending (which is considered the best of his endings by some) or "Case Closed" ending (which is considered the best of his endings by others) in the same playthrough.
  • The apartment is actually a bare version of the one from Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, and it is heavily implied that the "friend of a friend" is Lucas Kane.
  • If Ethan's finger was cut or shot off throughout the course of the game, the missing part of it will be present in this ending (implying that he had it reattached).

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