Ethan talking to Shaun.

"A New Start" is one of seven possible endings to Ethan Mars's story in Heavy Rain. It his second best ending.

Characters Edit

Ending Edit

Ethan takes Shaun to a new apartment, asking him if he likes it or not. Shaun then looks around to find a perfect place as his room. Shaun then tells Ethan that they will be together forever. After that Shaun teases Ethan, he responds by chasing Shaun in an aeroplane manner.

Requirement Edit

  • Ethan must either choose not to kiss Madison or not to forgive Madison; otherwise Madison must die.
  • Ethan must survive and must not be in jail during the events of "The Old Warehouse."
  • Shaun must survive.

Trivia Edit

  • The apartment that Ethan is moving into is the same apartment that was lived in by the hero of David Cage's last "interactive drama" game Indigo Prophecy (2005). Ethan even makes a funny comment about "a friend" helping him get it. That friend is Lucas Kane from the other game.
  • Ethan is clean shaven in this ending; he is also seen clean shaven in "A New Life."

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