"Case Closed" is one of four possible endings to Norman Jayden's story in Heavy Rain. It is (arguably) his second best ending.




Norman sees the ARI tanks.

Norman Jayden is hailed as a hero by the whole nation, appearing on the interview show "Let's Talk Tonight." Later, Norman sits on a toilet, wondering what to do with the Triptocaine. He decides to flush it down the toilet, looking at it in disgust before leaving.

Back in the office, Jayden is using his ARI to update files on known criminals. Suddenly, some virtual tanks start driving across his desk; he worriedly decides to take off his ARI glasses. Moments later, the virtual tanks appear again. Jayden gave up Triptocaine too late to stop the ARI glasses from permanently affecting his brain. He is horrified that he can see the tanks, even without his glasses.



  • The tanks that appear when Norman "goes mad" are actually a play-option, which can be seen in the chapter "Welcome, Norman" when Norman chooses to play with the ball.
  • While this could be considered Norman's best ending due to the fame and recognition he receives, it could also be considered the second best since he goes mad instead of remaining sane as he does in the "Resignation" ending.
  • Interestingly, the virtual tanks appear to be the British Challenger 1 rather than an American tank like the M1 Abrams. This may indicate that Norman's ARI was created in the United Kingdom.
  • A rare glitch can occur where Norman's face will spaz out once he takes his glasses off. It enlarges and shrinks, morphs into random shapes, and can fill up the entire screen. This happens until he opens Shaun's physical case file on his desk. It is unknown what causes this glitch.

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