Dead Heroine

Britney Sanders delivers a news report in front of Madison's grave.

"Dead Heroine" is one of five possible endings to Madison Paige's story in Heavy Rain. It is her worst ending.

Characters Edit

Ending Edit

Reporter Britney Sanders stands over Madison's grave telling about her heroic efforts to find the Origami Killer and that she died for it. The cameraman then calls her off and they both leave, with Britney complaining that she is hungry and proving she doesn't care about Madison's death. If Ethan is still alive, he stands from a distance behind the tree, watching over her grave, saddened at the death of his friend (and possible lover).

Requirement Edit


  • This can be considered by many as Madison's worst epilogue, seeing that she was killed.
  • Britney Sanders also appeared in Norman's chapter "Crime Scene."
  • This ending, along with "Helpless," "Smoking Mirror" and "Unpunished," are considered by many to be the worst combination of endings. This is because all the main characters except Scott die, including Shaun and Lauren.
  • This is the only ending Ethan can appear in outside of his own.
  • Ethan is shown wearing the same clothes he wore in "Tears in the Rain."

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