The talk show host introduces Madison.

"Heroine" is one of five possible endings to Madison Paige's story in Heavy Rain. It is her second best ending.

Characters Edit

Ending Edit

After appearing on the interview show "Let's Talk Tonight" and being hailed as a hero, Madison is at a book signing for Heavy Rain, her account of the investigation. She starts signing a book for a man named Vincent, who tells her that what she needs is a more ferocious and brutal rival. When she looks up in unease, he has disappeared.

Requirement Edit

  • Madison and Shaun must be alive.
  • Madison finds Shaun's location.
  • Ethan rejects Madison or dies, or is in jail before the events of "The Old Warehouse."


  • The title of Madison's book is the only other use of the title phrase in the game; the other time is when Ethan is thinking about the rain before he gets into the car at the beginning of "Father and Son."
  • This ending can sometimes leave out the interview if Madison gets caught by the police in "The Old Warehouse" and/or if Scott kills Norman during the final fight.

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