Lauren stands at Scott's grave and talks to him.

"Origami's Grave" is one of three possible endings to Scott Shelby's story in Heavy Rain. It is his worst ending.

Character Edit

Ending Edit

  • If Lauren is alive: Lauren will rant atop Scott's grave, criticizing him emotionally for how he had taken her in as a partner, while being the killer all this time, and how he had been the one who killed her son. She will announce that she feels nothing but contempt for Scott before spitting on his grave and walking away.
  • If Lauren is dead: The camera pans on the grave of Scott's brother John Sheppard before panning dramatically around Scott's grave.


If Lauren is alive:

Lauren: You killed my son, Scott. Were you thinking about that when you held me in your arms?... I don't know why you did all this. Nothing can justify it anyway. I feel nothing but contempt for you... Nothing but contempt.



  • If Ethan or Madison is dead or if both are dead, their graves can be seen in the background.
  • This can be considered Scott's "worst" ending due to him dying and failing to get away with his crimes as the killer. Consequently, Scott's worst endings can be seen as the best in the overall context of the game.

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