"Resignation" is one of four possible endings to Norman Jayden's story in Heavy Rain. It is (arguably) his best ending.




Norman Jayden resigns from the FBI, to the disappointment of his boss (who says that Jayden could have a very promising career ahead of him). He says that the case and his obsession with it made him lose touch with "normal life," and he needs to step back from it all. As he hands in his gun and badge he expresses doubt about ever returning to the Bureau. While he is given a chance to keep his ARI (due to the fact that a new model is scheduled to be released next month), he resists the temptation, feeling that it won't help him "get back to reality."



FBI Boss: Are you sure you've thought this through, Norman? You've got a very promising career ahead of you, it's a pity that...

Norman: With all due respect, sir, I'm done thinking. I need to lead something like a normal life. I've just got a bit too close to everything recently. I need to step back, at least for a while.

FBI Boss: Will you be coming back to the FBI?

Norman: I dunno... I'm making no promises.

[Norman is taking out his gun and his badge out of his coat pocket and places them on the table. Norman is also taking out his ARI glasses.]

FBI Boss: You can keep your ARI if you like. This one's going off-line, there's a new model due next month.

Norman: I... I think you'd better take it back. It's just a little too compelling, and it won't help me where I'm going... the real world...

FBI Boss: Whatever you want... I hope you find what you're looking for, Norman.

Norman: I hope so too.



  • Jayden's FBI boss is only partially seen from a low angle, but he bears a resemblance to Leighton Perry.
  • This is seen by many as Norman's best ending, since he remains sane and gets a chance to start a new life without using either the ARI or the Triptocaine.
  • This is considered to be Norman's second best ending by some players, because Jayden resigns, gives up ARI, and is not the one who participates in saving Shaun, unlike in one of his other endings.
    • It should be noted, however, that Ethan will never be able to fight/kill the Origami Killer if Norman goes to the warehouse, since Norman will be the one doing it.

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