Madison continues to suffer from insomnia.

"Square One" is one of five possible endings to Madison Paige's story in Heavy Rain. It is (arguably) her second worst ending.

Characters Edit

Ending Edit

Madison is curled up on her couch in her apartment. She ignores another message on her answering machine from Sam, who is clearly worried, as he has not heard from her in some time. Her insomnia has worsened, and robbers armed with knives (from "Sleepless Night") dart past in the foreground, before they surround her. Madison does nothing but clutch her head as they advance on her. The camera fades out, showing that the robbers are not actually there.

Requirements Edit

  • Madison must survive, but not get the address for the warehouse.
  • Ethan must either not kiss or reject Madison, die, or be in jail.


  • This can be considered as Madison's second worst epilogue, seeing that her insomnia has gotten worse. (The worst epilogue would be "Dead Heroine.")
  • This is the only bad ending that does not have a death scene.
  • This is also the only bad ending that can occur if Shaun Mars survives, showing that even if Shaun survived, Madison still suffers from even worse insomnia.