Blake uses ARI.

"Uploaded" is one of four possible endings to Norman Jayden's story in Heavy Rain. It is his second worst ending.

Characters Edit

Ending Edit

Leighton Perry informs Blake that Jayden is being buried in some backwater hole out in D.C., and he is obligated to attend as a matter of protocol; Blake declines to tag along, stating that he and Jayden "didn't see eye to eye." Perry, not particularly bothered, lets Blake keep the ARI glasses, telling him Jayden doesn't need them anymore. Blake starts to put the glasses on, but hesitates and sets them aside. After trying to work but giving the glasses sidelong glances, he finally gives in to temptation and puts them on. In the ARI interface, he is "taken" to the plateau overlooking the river. After smiling and enjoying the view for a few moments, Blake is shocked and terrified by the appearance of Jayden, who advances on him with a coldly satisfied grin.

Requirement Edit


  • This can be considered Norman's second worst epilogue because he died while trying to bring the Origami Killer to justice and Blake has his glasses, but is haunted by Norman's hallucinatory ghost in ARI.
  • If Ethan Mars makes it to the warehouse, Shaun will survive even if Norman gets this ending.
  • If Norman survives but Shaun does not, he will get "Smoking Mirror," which is generally considered to be his worst ending.
  • This ending suggests that Blake, although he has never worn ARI before, will now suffer from hallucinations as Jayden did, as a form of revenge.
  • It is unknown whether or not Blake will use ARI like Norman did.

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