"Face to Face" is the forty-fourth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Scott Shelby goes after Charles Kramer.


The chapter opens with Scott Shelby in Lauren's car outside the Kramer mansion. Scott will ram through the wall of the mansion, knocking down a guard. Scott pulls out a weapon, exits his car and shoots the guard he drove into.

Scott will then enter the mansion, and the player will have to kill all 18 guards around the mansion in a string of QTEs. If too many QTEs are failed and Shelby is shot three or more times, the chapter will end.

After dealing with the guards, Shelby enters Kramer's office. Kramer pulls a weapon and confronts Shelby, who disarms and violently beats him. While beating him Shelby demands answers from Kramer and (if Lauren died) blames him for Lauren's death. Shelby accuses Kramer of covering up for his son. Kramer then claims that his son Gordi was a copycat; the death of the child was an accident. When Scott demands to know about the flowers on John Sheppard's grave, Kramer explains that he owned the construction site where the boy died and still feels guilty. Kramer goes on to explain that John's twin brother was adopted; by whom, he doesn't know, although Sheppard's mother might. If Lauren was killed in "Trapped," Kramer attempts to tempt Scott over to his side by saying she was a "useless whore" and offering Shelby all the girls he wants. Scott gets in Kramer's face and tells him never to say Lauren's name again. As Shelby is about to leave, Kramer is stricken by a heart attack. The player can either give him the pills in the desk drawer, or leave him to die.

If the player chooses to save Kramer, he will say "Thank you, you saved my life," to which Scott replies "I already regret it," and leaves the mansion. If not, Kramer will desperately call out to Scott to come back as he leaves.

Kramer will also succumb to his heart attack if the player waits for about 90 seconds. In this case, he will fall to the floor and Scott will be shown standing over him with an emotionless expression on his face as the chapter ends.


  • Invincible Scott – Kill all of Kramer's guards without getting shot.
  • Kind Hearted – Give Kramer his pills.
  • Perfect Crime – Letting Kramer die is a requirement for the trophy.


  • During this mission Scott must be using extended magazines, judging by the fact that he fired nearly twenty bullets without reloading, in a weapon that is normally only able to hold up to 16 rounds. However, there is a possibility that he does reload halfway through the sequence, as there is a brief moment where he walks offscreen to go up the stairs.
  • When you are choking Kramer, if you hold all buttons until they almost disappear and Charles Kramer stops you, Scott will make the same groaning sound he does after he kills Madison in the glass booth on top of the crane in "The Old Warehouse."
  • Once you are face to face with Charles Kramer, during a brief fighting sequence you have the choice to throw him to the left or right. No matter which way you decide to throw him, Scott will hurl him towards his left.
  • If Lauren is killed in "Trapped," Scott will still be shown in her car in the beginning. Also, the dialogue between Scott and Kramer will be extended by references to Lauren and her death.
  • This is the second chapter in a row where Scott cannot die despite being in a life-or-death situation. He will run away from the mansion after he is shot too many times.