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"Four Days": The Heavy Rain Online Experience is a unique, three week experience that first went live on January 26, 2010.[1] During the experience, you will be using your mystery skills on Heavy Rain's official website. You take on the role of a detective, searching for the Origami Killer.


The First ChallengeEdit

The first challenge will suck you into the fracturing mind of a nascent killer. You need to know your prey to catch him. Keep your eyes open, even as his malign influence starts to impossibly spread and most importantly, don't fall under his spell.

The Second ChallengeEdit

The second challenge includes detecting, protecting, collecting, and analysing evidence. You must build a profile by talking to witnesses using subtlety, tact, imagination. The killer must be found!

The Third and Final ChallengeEdit

The third and final challenge is the endgame. If you've proven your worth, you'll be propelled to the highest levels of the investigation. To succeed, you'll need to re-enter the killer's psyche and break all the rules to find your suspect. There are multiple suspects. Which one is guilty?

Make your decision, and live with the consequences. In the end, it's your call.

The RewardEdit


The ARI Dynamic Theme

If you successfully identified the correct suspect in week 3 on the 24th March 2010 you will have received an e-mail containing an unlock code for the ARI dynamic theme (US players will have received the Crime Scene theme)



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