Debut The Cemetery
Gender Male
Age 51
Birthdate 1960
Status Alive
Hair color Gray
Eye color Brown
Occupation Gravedigger
Model Amadou Diallo
Voice David Gasman
Poor young'un. That one, I knew well...

The gravedigger is a minor character in Heavy Rain. He has spent most of his life digging graves at Charity Cross Cemetery.

When Scott Shelby and Lauren Winter come to the cemetery and locate John Sheppard's grave, the gravedigger mentions that he knew the boy. He then narrates the events that unfold in "Twins," concluding his tale by recalling that John drowned in a pipe full of rainwater when his brother couldn't find help. When Lauren asks what happened to John's brother, the gravedigger tells her that he got adopted after being separated from his parents. He decides to head home when he hears a storm moving in, and is not seen again for the rest of the game.

Chapter appearancesEdit