"Hassan's Shop" is the tenth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Scott Shelby attempts to question Hassan about his son Reza's death -- but just like with the last time he tried to speak to a victim's parent, an interruption occurs.


Scott Shelby walks into the shop to question the owner, Hassan, about the Origami Killer. Hassan's son was the most recent victim of the Origami Killer. Hassan refuses to answer questions. After Hassan's refusal to assist, Shelby asks where Hassan's shop stocks inhalers.

As Shelby is taking an inhaler from a shelf at the back of the shop, Andrew breaks into the store and holds a gun to Hassan's face. Depending on the player's actions as Shelby, Andrew either kills Hassan, is incapacitated, wounds Shelby, or is talked down and leaves. If Hassan survives, he gives Shelby a shoebox that was sent to him after his son's disappearance, apparently sent by the Origami Killer. If Hassan dies, Shelby leaves empty-handed.


The chapter begins with Scott entering the shop. When he does, talk to Hassan. Scott will ask for information about the Origami Killer. No matter which dialogue options one chooses, Hassan will not share anything. After the conversation, Scott will ask to buy an inhaler. Hassan will direct him to shelves in the far end of the store. After Scott picks one up, a robber, named Andrew, will enter and try to rob Hassan, who refuses to give him money. From here on, the outcome of the chapter depends on the player's actions. If one takes too long to take any action, Hassan will be shot and killed and Andrew leaves. It is possible to do one of the following:

  • Go through the third aisle from the left (of the starting position), grab a bottle and knock Andrew out. In the last aisle (near the emergency exit), Scott can also grab a frying pan which can be used to knock Andrew out. 
  • Grab Andrew's attention, either by walking on the chips in the center aisle without holding down the right command or dropping something in an aisle, or by walking up to him without attacking him. If this happens, Andrew will force Scott out at gunpoint and a negotiation will start. The strategy to get him to leave is NOTHING SERIOUS, NAME, AFFECTIVE, and end with DROP GUN; if this fails, then the robbery will continue, at which point Scott can grapple with him in order to stop him. The player can also refuse to be held at gunpoint, in which case Andrew will shoot Scott in the shoulder and leave.

If Andrew is talked down or incapacitated, or if he shoots Scott, Hassan will live and give Scott a box containing origami figures. If he dies, Scott will leave with nothing.

Possible OutcomesEdit

Hassan DiesEdit

  1. Wait in the back of the store.
  2. Fail to negotiate with Andrew.
  3. Cause too much noise.

Hassan will be shot and left to die.

Hassan LivesEdit

  1. Scott knocks Andrew out with a bottle or pan.
  2. Scott negotiates with Andrew and he leaves.
  3. Scott ignores Andrew's command to put his hands up and gets shot, or grapples with him and gets shot during the struggle. Andrew will then run away.

Hassan will give Scott a box full of origami figures, papers and a free shot of asthma inhalers.



  • Negotiator – Talk Andrew into leaving.
  • Perfect Crime – Letting Hassan die is a requirement for the trophy.


  • Scott can tell Hassan that he lost someone he loved, foreshadowing the later chapter "Hold My Hand," where he loses his brother.
  • If Hassan survives and gives Scott the shoebox, Scott takes out a lizard origami figure and examines it. Ethan Mars would later receive a similar shoebox with a lizard figure, meaning that Hassan was also supposed to undergo the trial written inside.
  • In the demo, if Hassan was shot and Scott went to talk to him before he died, he would close Hassan's eyes, but then notice the box from the Origami Killer on the shelf under the cash register and take it.
  • It is later revealed that each of the Origami Killer's victims received the same items that are seen in Hassan's box.
  • Realistically, if Scott was shot by Andrew he should have been bleeding.
  • Regardless of decisions, Scott always walks away with a free pack of inhalers.
  • This is the first chapter where a character's fate is determinant.