The Heavy Rain Soundtrack consists of all the music heard throughout Heavy Rain, as listed below.

Normand Corbeil SoundtrackEdit

These titles are by Normand Corbeil, recorded in the Abbey Road Studios, London. These appear on the Official Soundtrack List:

Soundtrack not on the Official ListEdit

There are many tracks that appear in the game but are considered as the "Unofficial". It is unknown why they are said to be, because they were created for the game, for example in the Blue Lagoon or Ethan's apartment, or even the "For Love" trailer.

From this list, some songs were played in the following chapters:


Ethan Mars' Living Room (Stereo)

  • NERVES - Gareth Johnson

Ethan vs. Jason

  • HEADLESS HORSEMAN - Oliver Ledbury

The MallEdit

PR System (music around the mall)

  • BREATHE EASY - Igor Dvorkin, Dean Bayley, Audrian Francis, Francesca Belmonte
  • JEALOUS MINDS - Tim Devine, Peter Masitti
  • IT'S TOO LATE NOW - Igor Dvorkin, Sulene Flemming, Duncan Pittock

TEKN Store (Electronics Store)

  • Unknown – fast Techno Beat-like Music with Synths

Father and SonEdit

Ethan's Room (Stereo)

  • EVOLUTION - Bob Bradley, Paul Mottram

Sleepless NightEdit

Madison’s Living Room (Stereo)

  • PEAKS - Bob Bradley

Kramer's PartyEdit

  • SUBURBAN COWBOY – Darren Leigh Purkiss
  • POKER FACE - Matt Hill
  • BLADE – Bob Bradley
  • UNDERGROUND – Gareth Johnson
  • MENTAL FUNDAMENTAL – David O’Brien, Johnny Lithium
  • DISSOLVE THE SUN - Gareth Johnson

Sexy GirlEdit

Blue Lagoon

  • A FEELING OF POWER - Barrie Gledden, Steve Dymond, Jason Fedder
  • ONE MORE TIME - Barrie Gledden, Peter Shand
  • ARE YOU READY - Barrie Gledden, Steve Dymond, Jason Fedder
  • SLOW - Barrie Gledden, Sulene Flemming, Richard Kimmings


News Report (ICN)

  • BROADCAST NEWS - Paul Mottram

Heavy Rain TrailerEdit

  • MARS - Terry Devine-King


There are also some other soundtracks:

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