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Welcome to the Heavy Rain Wiki! We're focused on creating a complete database full of information on the Quantic Dream interactive drama adventure. If you want to help out, head over to the To-Do List and get working! Happy editing!


SPOILERS: This wiki contains spoilers which may or may not be unmarked.

For a spoiler-free description of the Origami Killer without the revealed identity, see the former link.

NOTICE: Heavy Rain is not recommended for children under the age of seventeen. Likewise, this site does not censor profanity in quotes.

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Norman Jayden (born August 14, 1977) is one of four lead playable characters in Heavy Rain. He is a dedicated and thorough FBI Agent, but addicted to Triptocaine, a fictional drug. Norman's story begins as he arrives in the unfamiliar city to support the local police force with their investigation on the Origami Killer. more...

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