Hospital Receptionist
Hospital Receptionist
Debut Ann Sheppard
Gender Female
Age 40-50
Birthdate 1960-1970
Status Alive
Hair color Auburn
Eye color Brown
Occupation Receptionist
Model Claudette Belhassen
Voice Lexie Kendrick
Oh, she'll be pleased to have a visitor. No one ever comes to see her.

The hospital receptionist is a minor character in Heavy Rain. She works at the front desk of the geriatrics ward of the hospital in which Ann Sheppard is staying.

Madison Paige meets the hospital receptionist when she comes to visit Ann Sheppard. The receptionist makes small talk while Madison signs the guestbook, informing her that Ann has Alzheimer's disease and directing her to the old lady's room. She makes no further appearances in the game.

Chapter appearancesEdit

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