Judi Beecher

Judi Beecher, voice actress of Madison Paige.

Judi Beecher (born November 30) is an American actress who provides the voice of Madison Paige in the critically acclaimed game Heavy Rain. Like the other actors who voice playable characters, she has been in many movies. Judi is most known for The Gourmet Dinner (2002), Only in Paris (2009), and Taken 3 (2014) and is currently starring in the comedy Tango Shalom (2016) as Raquel Yehudi. Judi is a multi-award winning international actress with dual nationality and is fluent in French, English, and Italian.


  • The Gourmet Dinner (2002) as Ali
  • The Stepford Wives (2004) as a Stepford wife (uncredited)
  • Four weeks Four hours (2006) as Alexis
  • Perfect Pitch (2008) as Louisiana
  • Only in Paris (2009) as Samantha Tomelson
  • Cameraman (2011) as Kate
  • Tragedy of a Mother and Son (2012) as Police Officer Jen
  • Summer in Provence (2012) as Barbara
  • A Cry from Within (2014) as Young Sophia
  • Taken 3 (2014) as Claire
  • Tango Shalom (2016) as Raquel


Judi Beecher's IMDb page

Judi Beecher's official site

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