"Killer's Place" is the fifty-first chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Madison seeks out Scott Sheppard.


If Madison Paige survived "The Doc" she will go to the home of Scott Shelby (a.k.a. Scott Sheppard) after speaking with Ann Sheppard. She picks the lock on the front door and snoops around the apartment, finding Shelby's trash can full of burned evidence and eventually a closet with a police officer's uniform. She surmises that Shelby used it to lure his victims. She discovers the closet has a false back that leads to a concealed work room. In the room Shelby has grown the orchids that he leaves with his victims. Madison also finds the typewriter Shelby used to write the letters to the victim's fathers and a laptop password protected under the name the Sheppard boys used to use for their origami dogs that reveals Shaun's location, but before she can leave or tell anyone, Shelby locks her in and sets the apartment on fire.

Madison uses a piece of Shelby's equipment to bash a hole in a soft spot on one of the room's walls. She wriggles out of the room and into Shelby's bathroom only to find the apartment is engulfed in flames. The player is presented with a series of QTEs to navigate the fire filled apartment; if a QTE is failed her clothing will catch on fire. She finds a window near Shelby's desk but the player is warned that the drop will kill her. (It will.) Through more QTEs Madison makes her way through Shelby's flaming office, past a propane container Shelby has left behind, and after trying to break the front door manages to get into Shelby's kitchen. Once inside, she escapes through Shelby's kitchen window or finds refuge in the refrigerator, protecting her from the propane explosion. She manages to jump to a neighboring window and enters the building. She flees the building in time to escape the explosion, or after kicking the shelves out of the refrigerator and hiding in it to escape the blast.

Once Madison is free, she can call either Ethan or Jayden to give them Shaun's location. (If both men are alive and free and have figured out the address she can still call one of them, but will be told they're on their way already.) If Jayden is dead or Ethan has been permanently imprisoned she will not be able to call. Madison can also choose to try to save Shaun herself.


  • Madison dies: She will always receive the "Dead Heroine" ending.
  • Madison lives and fails to find the address: Madison will always receive the "Square One," "Tears in the Rain," or "A New Life" endings.
  • Madison lives and finds the address: Madison will be given the option of informing Ethan or Norman about the address. She will also receive the "Heroine" or "A New Life" ending unless she dies in the following chapter.


  • Cold as Ice – Hide in the fridge and survive the explosion.
  • Perfect Crime – Letting Madison die here is a requirement for the trophy.


  • The propane tank will explode if Madison crawls into the refrigerator. Luckily, it seems to be strong enough to save her, and she can emerge unscathed.
  • This is one of the four chapters in which Madison can die. The others are "Sleepless Night" (which is just an impermanent death in a nightmare), "The Doc," and "The Old Warehouse."
  • Although they do not physically appear in this chapter, either Ethan Mars or Norman Jayden's voices may be heard if Madison calls either of them.
  • This chapter will be skipped if Madison is killed in the "The Doc."
  • Even if Madison guesses the wrong password after she's locked in the room by Scott, she can still go to the laptop and keep guessing until only the correct password remains. However, she will suffocate from the smoke if she takes too long.
  • It is possible for Madison to drench herself with water in the bathroom, but the option will only become obvious if the player accesses the correct thought. However, the player can choose the option at any time inside the bathroom after the fire has been started by looking at the tub. The player may have to change camera angles to see the proper controller command.
  • When Scott holds Madison at gunpoint, she suggests that Scott should just let Shaun Mars go and do what Scott's father couldn't do. This seems to emotionally hit Scott, as he lowers his gun for a few seconds. Also, if Scott really wanted Madison to die, he could easily shoot her and then set the building on fire.
    • Except that wouldn't look like an accident and after finding the bullet in her body it would bring more attention down on Scott. This might reveal his secret of being the Origami Killer
  • It is peculiar how Madison has Norman's number as shown if she escapes the building, as the two do not meet until "The Old Warehouse," and only if they are the only two to make it.
    • It is possible that Madison learned of Norman Jayden after being told by Ethan that he was helped by him in escaping the police station, though this wouldn't work if Ethan was never captured. Also it is unlikely that Norman gave Ethan his number, and even if he did, why would Ethan feel it necessary to give it to Madison? 
    • During the press conference in "Welcome, Norman," a journalist asks Leighton Perry about rumors of an FBI profiler, which Perry confirms. It's possible that Madison was also aware of this and discovered enough to identify Jayden. 
    • A more sound theory is that Norman called Madison to learn of her involvement at the Blue Lagoon in "Fish Tank" after discovering prints from her. This may have lead to a swap of contact details and exchanges of clues and other information between them after a call made by Norman, with both of them even starting to work together. Norman is even quoted as saying "looks like we have a witness" after discovering Madison's prints. 
      • Still, while on the phone with Norman and introducing herself, Madison explicitly says "My name is Madison Paige. You don't know me - I'm a journalist." This is hard to reconcile with the aforementioned theory.
  • A rather odd and rare glitch can occur in this chapter. If Norman is dead and Ethan is arrested, Madison should not be able to call them. However, a glitch may occur where if she has found the address, the option to call will still appear. It is unknown why this glitch occurs, however, you will not need to restart anything if it does occur.