"Kramer's Party" is the twenty-second chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Scott Shelby and Lauren Winter visit Gordi Kramer's mansion, where he is throwing a party. Scott questions Gordi about his involvement in a suspicious incident that may implicate him as the Origami Killer.


Shelby attempts to convince Lauren to stay behind; after she puts her foot down they both enter Kramer's mansion. Shelby's goal is to confront the scion of the Kramer family, Gordi Kramer. To do so, he must get past two guards blocking a staircase that leads to the rest of the house and Gordi's private section of the party. Shelby talks to the guards, then he either enlists Lauren's help (she'll fake an overdose, collapse, and distract the guards so he can get upstairs) or tricks a friendly drunk into starting a brawl to draw the guards away from the staircase. Once upstairs, Shelby locates Gordi Kramer. Kramer gives evasive answers to Shelby's questions, then orders two of his bodyguards to take care of the detective. Shelby either defeats the guards or is beaten and ejected. Either way, Shelby and Lauren leave with no clear answers.


This chapter takes place in Kramer's Mansion. If you get in the mansion and go to the left after the hallway, you will see two bodyguards blocking the stairs. Answer with whatever you like and go back to see Lauren. Tell her to help you and she will distract the two guards by pretending to collapse on the floor, which grabs the guards' attention long enough for you to sneak upstairs. You can also trick a drunk into starting a brawl, distracting the guards. Go up the stairs and then through the wooden door. You will then meet Gordi Kramer. Ask whatever you like until Gordi sics his two bodyguards on you. Fail too many QTEs and you get beaten; pass enough and you beat the bodyguards up. Either way, you leave an unaffected Gordi laughing at the TV.



  • Tough Guy – Defeat Gordi's two bodyguards.


  • On the TV in the background, Gordi was watching a CG animation film, portraying a chicken attempting to escape being cooked by some chefs. The film is Cocotte Minute by Les Gobelins.
  • The girl in the black dress on the couch next to Kramer is the same girl Paco calls over to his table in the club.
  • The drunk man bears a surprising resemblance to Nick from the zombie survival game Left 4 Dead 2, notably because he has a white suit.
  • There is a glitch where if you trick the drunk man into starting a brawl to get past the guards and you go up to see Gordi Kramer, you will not be able to talk to him. This prevents the event from triggering, and since you cannot leave the room you are stuck until you restart the chapter.

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