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Lauren Winter
Debut Sleazy Place
Gender Female
Age 35
Birthdate March 16, 1976
Status Determined by player
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupation Prostitute
Model Aurelie Bancilhon
Voice Aurelie Bancilhon (English)

Lauren Winter is the mother of Johnny Winter, one of the victims of the Origami Killer. She works as a prostitute from her apartment. Further into the plot, she becomes a more major character.

Background Edit

The majority of Lauren's past can be drawn from her confiding with Scott Shelby, when he informs her he's working with other families of the Origami victims. She confides that Johnny's father, Allan Winter, was a deadbeat who left the day that her son went missing, and that he used to abuse her. She also notes that she became a prostitute in order to save money, and that she intended to move away and have a better life with her son.

Meeting Scott Shelby Edit

Visited by Scott Shelby, Lauren is initially reluctant to talk, and asks Scott to leave after few minutes. When one of Lauren's obsessive customers barges into her apartment, and Scott has the opportunity to return and fight off her assailant. Should Scott return, she thanks him for his help even if he loses the fight. Lauren later arrives at Scott's apartment, claiming to remember Allan receiving a letter the day following Johnny's disappearance; Johnny's father immediately left after reading the letter and was never seen again. Lauren gives Scott the envelope under the condition that she is allowed to be his partner in his investigation. He has no choice but to accept.

Solving the case Edit

During the case, Lauren begins to show signs of being attracted to Scott, and Scott begins to reciprocate these feelings. Based on the player's actions, if Lauren is saved during the chapter Trapped, Lauren and Scott soon begin to start a relationship. If the player chooses to save Lauren from the sinking car in Trapped, she becomes a much more pivotal character in Scotts ending: should Scott survive the conclusion after saving her, Scott will receive the A Mother's Revenge ending, wherein she learns the truth and kills him.

Endings Edit

Lauren's survival in Trapped is an important factor in Scott Shelby's ending.

Unpunished - If Scott survived in The Old Warehouse and if Lauren Winter died in Trapped, Scott will walk down a street having had gotten away with all his crimes including the one against Lauren's son.

Origami's Grave - If Scott died in The Old Warehouse, the camera shows his grave. If Lauren died, then the ending will show John's grave, then Scott's grave; if she survived, Lauren will narrate her feelings towards Scott's grave, stating that she feels nothing but contempt against Scott before spitting on his grave and walking away.

A Mother's Revenge - If both Scott and Lauren survived in The Old Warehouse and Trapped respectively, then Scott will walk down the same street seen in Unpunished -- however, he runs into Lauren. She states that she called all of the families whose sons died, and that none of them ever hired Scott, and Scott is the killer. After reminding Scott that she made a promise to kill the man who killed her son, Lauren pulls out a gun and executes Scott.

Chapter appearances:Edit

Murders committedEdit

  • Scott Shelby (If Scott survives in The Old Warehouse, then Lauren shoots him in A Mother's Revenge)

Trivia Edit


  • In chapter "A Visitor" you can see Lauren's voice actresses' picture in Scott's files.
  • Many people think that Lauren is Mary Smith from the "Prototype" Trailer.
  • Lauren has the second greatest number of appearances for a non-playable character, with 9 chapters, Blake appears in 12 chapters.
  • Lauren can die at one point in this game, in the chapter "Trapped", the player has the option to leave Lauren in the car to die by breaking the window without helping her.
  • Lauren is probably 5' 5".
  • Lauren is the only main character with long hair.
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