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For the character see Manfred (the character)

Lauren Winter and Scott Shelby attempt to track the envelope sent by the Origami Killer.


Manfred is an old friend of private investigator Scott Shelby who runs a clock and typewriter repair shop. Shelby visits him to see if Manfred can identify the typewriter that printed the addresses on the envelope that the Origami Killer sent to Allan Winter. Manfred is surprised, yet pleased to see Shelby. The two then share a drink together.

Afterwards, Manfred tells Lauren and Shelby that the typewriter used by the killer is a "Royal 5" which was in production from 1907-1924. He says that he bought the entire stock of spare parts for the Royal 5, and thus is the only person who can do repairs for that model. He offers to retrieve a list of his Royal 5 customers. However, while searching for the list in the back room, Manfred is murdered by the Origami Killer. Shelby has to quickly remove any fingerprints that could link himself or Lauren to Manfred's death before the police and paramedics arrive.

Walkthrough Edit

After Manfred is murdered, you have to remove all the fingerprints that Scott and Lauren have left to avoid suspicion of involvement:

  • The white telephone in the back room where Manfred has been killed.
  • The black telephone at the front desk.
  • The magnifying glass
  • The 2 shot glasses
  • The Scotch bottle (Shelby does not touch this, but best to wipe it anyways)
  • The bathroom door (only if you touched it)
  • The bathroom sink (only if you touched it)
  • The toilet handle (only if you touched it)
  • The windowsill in the back (only if you touched it)
  • The music box that Lauren looks at
  • The glass frame Lauren leans on (if you take too long to find Manfred in the beginning)
  • The front door

If you miss anything and the camera will zoom in on the item which will give you one last chance to fix it. If you haven't and there are prints left, a short scene at the police station follows, where Blake promises to leave Shelby's involvement out of the investigation.

The scene at the police station will also occur if you take too long to clean the prints. Lauren will prompt you when time is running short.

If the player wipes away all the prints the dead body of Manfred will be shown.



Preserving "Perfect Crime" by cleaning all traces of your presence in the shop.

Trivia Edit

  • Manfred's last name is never revealed in the game.
  • If Scott is at the police station, Carter Blake and Ash appear, but Norman Jayden doesn't.
  • If Scott forgets to clean something in Manfred's shop and is subsequently sent to the police station, it is implied that he and Carter Blake know each other. It's possible that they used to work together in the police force before Scott became a private investigator.
  • Later in the game it is revealed how in the couple of seconds Lauren was distracted by the music box, the Origami Killer snuck in and killed Manfred and called the police.
  • If you don't answer the phone, Lauren will do it herself.

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