Debut The Doc
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthdate January 24, 1987
Status Deceased - Killed by Adrian Baker
Hair color Brown
Eye color Indeterminate
Occupation Government agent
Model Unknown
Voice None
Say hello to Matthew. He claimed he had come here for the census... Another one of those goddamn government spies.

Matthew was one of the victims of Adrian Baker. He went to the doctor's house, claiming he was there to record the survey on population (a census). However, he was actually sent there to spy on Adrian, so the doctor used his power drill to practice surgery on him. His body can be found slumped against the wall in the basement if Madison Paige ends up there.


  • Matthew bears a slight resemblance to Norman Jayden, another member of the FBI.
  • Adrian stated that Matthew is a government spy; however, it's unknown if Matthew actually was a spy or if Adrian simply assumed that he was out of paranoia.

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