Motel Receptionist
Motel Receptionist
Debut First Encounter
Gender Male
Age 33
Birthdate 1978
Status Alive
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupation Receptionist
Model Jean-Marie Jasnot
Voice Christian Erickson
The pleasure was all mine.

The motel receptionist is a minor character in Heavy Rain. He works at the front desk of the Cross Road Motel. He has a nasal voice and is often seen opening and closing his mouth as if chewing on something, possibly indicating that he has oromandibular dystonia.

Madison Paige meets the motel receptionist when her chronic insomnia and nightmares prevent her from sleeping in her apartment. He steps out of the bathroom when she rings the bell and annoys her with his idiosyncrasies and overly friendly manner of speaking, calling her "sweetheart" and saying what a pleasure it was to serve her. Later, when Carter Blake and the police surround the motel, the receptionist tells Madison that they've tracked down Ethan Mars (who they believe to be the Origami Killer) and are about to move in on him.

Chapter appearancesEdit

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