Mr. Sheppard
Debut Twins
Gender Male
Age 75
Birthdate September 29, 1935
Status Likely deceased
Hair color Brown
Eye color Indeterminate
(likely hazel/brown)
Occupation Unknown
Model Unknown
Voice Unknown

Mr. Sheppard is the alcoholic father of John Sheppard and Scott, and the husband/boyfriend of Ann Sheppard.

In "Twins," John and his brother are aggressively driven out of their house. John and his brother play games so they won't be bored, such as exploring a construction site and then later playing hide-and-seek. Eventually, John's brother begins counting for hide-and-seek, during which he finds John stuck in an open water pipe that is rapidly filling with rainwater. John's brother goes to Mr. Sheppard and asks him to save John, but he refuses, drunkenly saying that John's death would mean "one less greedy mouth to feed." It is this trauma that causes John's brother to become the Origami Killer and inspires his MO: kidnapping a 9- to 13-year-old boy, then putting that boy's father through a series of trials to see if he is willing and able to save his son from drowning.

Madison Paige and the killer mention him in "Killer's Place," and Ethan Mars will be told about him in "The Old Warehouse."

It's unknown what happened to him after John Sheppard's death, but he is never seen again after the flashback.

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  • Considering that Mr. Sheppard is shown to be a heavy drinker and would be in his mid-70s at the time the events of Heavy Rain take place, he presumably died of alcohol-related health problems before the game began.