Olivier Schneider

Olivier Schneider, motion capture actor for Miroslav Korda.

Olivier Schneider is an actor, stuntman, and producer who provides the motion capture for Miroslav Korda in Heavy Rain. He has also had roles in and performed and/or coordinated stunts in numerous movies, short films, TV series, and video games, including Fahrenheit, Beyond: Two Souls, and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. In addition, he is known for producing Fred Au Paradis (2010) and En attendant 6 heures (2011).


  • Pourquoi partir? (1996) as Titou
  • Bingo! (1998) as Videur
  • Merci mon chien (1999) as Policier 1
  • Divine Intervention (2002) as Marksman 4
  • Samurai (2002) as Boxeur Thai
  • 10 millions cash (2004) as Frank
  • Le petit lieutenant (2005) as Pavel Dimitrov
  • 6 Hours (2005) as Gatekeeper
  • Sable noir (2006) as l'homme de la forêt
  • The Sixth Man (2006) as David
  • L'île aux trésors (2007) as Pirate #1
  • Greco (2007) as Second garde du corps
  • Rush Hour 3 (2007) as French Cop
  • Un monde à nous (2008) as Homme de main
  • La mort dans l'île (2008) as José Rocca
  • State Affairs (2009) as Raphaël Laurencin
  • Heartbreaker (2010) as le serveur grand restaurant
  • Illégal (2010) as Policier transfert Tania aéroport 2
  • Unknown (2011) as Smith
  • En attendant 6 heures (2011) as producer and Mathias atlan
  • The Prey (2011) as Novick
  • C.H.A.O.S. (2011) as un agent spécial


Olivier Schneider's IMDb page

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