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{{HeavyRainCharacter |name = Paco Mendez |image = 195483.jpg |debut = Sexy Girl |gender = Male |Age = 36 |DOB = November 14, 1974 |Status = Deceased (October 6, 2011) |HairColor = Brown |EyeColor = Blue |Occupation = Owner of The Blue Lagoon |Model = David Gasman |Voice = David Gasman}

We've already broke the ice, mamma, let's get wet!

Paco Mendez was the owner of a nightclub called the Blue Lagoon. He has his hand in several criminal activities, and is the renter of the apartment in which Ethan Mars underwent the lizard trial. Madison Paige investigates him in the chapter "Sexy Girl" after finding a card for his nightclub in the house of a deranged doctor. Shortly after Madison has fled the premises, FBI agent Norman Jayden arrives to investigate him because of his connections with Jackson "Mad Jack" Neville. He is shot and killed by the Origami Killer, who it is mentioned kept him out of prison at one point, before Jayden arrives. Jayden and the Origami Killer then have a physical encounter, with the Origami Killer escaping.

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Trivia Edit

  • David Gasman, the man who provided the voice for Paco, also voiced Lucas Kane and Tyler Miles in Indigo Prophecy. He is also the model for the police officer in the prologue chapter of Beyond Two Souls. Both games are another one of David Cage's Interactive/Cinematic Games.
  • It is unknown if Paco Mendez was modeled after David Gasman, though they look very similar - apart from the Mexican heritage and the glasses, of course.
  • It becomes logically inconsistent for Paco to be killed if Madison dies in the "The Doc," since the Origami Killer murders Paco for giving Madison the information. However, one can assume that Paco was killed because the Origami Killer wanted to tie up loose ends.
  • It's unknown what happens to Paco if Madison was killed in The Doc and Norman was killed in Mad Jack. Though one can assume that the Origami Killer killed him to tie up a loose end.
  • According to his rap sheet, Paco was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and his parents were named Carlo and Maria Mendez.
  • Paco owns a Colt M1911A1, which he uses to force Madison to strip.
  • He is one of the few characters to get killed non-optionally.
  • Paco is probably 5'7½" tall.

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