Paul Bandey, voice and motion capture actor of Captain Perry.

Paul Bandey is a British actor who is the voice and motion capture actor of Leighton Perry in Heavy Rain, as well as the voice for the TV emcee, the carousel ticket seller, and the garage mechanic. Bandey, like most of the actors in the game, has been in many movies as either a side character or an extra, as well as numerous TV series and video games produced in France. He is most known for Les visiteurs (1993), Hitman (2007), The Illusionist (2010) and Magic in the Moon light.


  • Vatel (2000) as Comte de Mirail.
  • Persepolis (2008) as Brit / Customs [English version, voice, uncredited].
  • Ca$h (2008) as L'homme curiste.
  • Arthur and the Great Adventure (2009) as Miro / Unicorn Chief (voice).
  • The Illusionist (2010) as Additional Voices (voice).
  • Black Venus (2010) as Le procureur general.
  • Paris Connections (2010) as Martin.
  • Borderline (2011) as Homme en reunion.
  • A Monster in Paris (2011) as Narrator / Newsman / Policeman.
  • Skylab (2011) as Richard (dans le train).
  • Another Day (2012) as Huston.
  • White Lie (2013) as Westfield.
  • The Family (2013) as a District Attorney.
  • Horsehead (2014) as Winston.
  • Les châteaux de sable (2015) as Bill.


Paul Bandey's IMDb page

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