For the unseen character, see Sam.
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Sam Douglas, voice and motion capture actor for Scott Shelby.

Sam Douglas (born June 17, 1957) is an American actor who voices and is the model for Scott Shelby in the critically acclaimed game Heavy Rain, and also voices Leland White in The Taxidermist. Apart from these important roles in video games, Douglas has played many extras and side characters in movies, most notably Batman (1989), The Fifth Element (1997), Snatch (2000), Derailed (2005), Perfume (2006) and Colombiana (2011). He is notably known for his portrayal of King Herod in The Bible (2013), a TV miniseries.


  • Batman (1989) as a Lawyer
  • The Fifth Element (1997) as Chief NYPD officer
  • Snatch (2000) as Rosebud
  • Derailed (2005) as Homicide Detective
  • Perfume (2006) as Grimal
  • Colombiana (2011) as William Woogard
  • The Bible Mini Series (2013) as King Herod


Sam Douglas's IMDb page


  • Sam Douglas tends to die often in movies, such as in Snatch (2000) by being stabbed by his own sword in a car accident, Perfume (2006) by being knocked over by a chariot falling on his head then falling in the water, and Colombiana (2011) by being shot in both kneecaps while standing over a shark tank and getting eaten by his own sharks when he falls in.

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