Brad holding a picture of Sarah (left) and Cindy (right).

I've got children... These my girls, see? This one's Sarah... and the little one, that's Cindy... Please, man... I wanna see them again. Please...
—Brad, showing a picture of his daughters to Ethan Mars.

Sarah and Cindy Silver are the daughters of the drug dealer, Brad Silver.

They are mentioned during The Shark Trial, when Ethan Mars is required to kill Brad in order to save his own son, Shaun. The climax of the chapter takes place in what is presumably the daughters' room, where Brad pleads for his life. He states that he has children before pulling out a photograph of the two girls and introducing them to Ethan in an attempt for sympathy, stating that he wants to see them again. The player then has a choice of shooting Brad as planned or not.

If Ethan should shoot Brad, he will do so as he painfully states he is a father too, but has no choice. After Ethan receives the hints from the Origami Killer and leaves, the camera will pan to a shot of the photo of Brad's daughters on the floor. If the player should choose to not shoot Brad, Ethan will instead knock him out with his gun while stating that he is a father too, but not a killer, and leaves. Once again the camera will pan to a shot of the photo of Brad's daughters.