Scott Shelby in Apartment

Scott Shelby sits at the desk in his apartment and loads a gun.

Scott Shelby's apartment is a location in the city in which Heavy Rain takes place.

Owner and HistoryEdit

Scott Shelby owns the apartment and uses it as an office. Scott asks parents of kidnapped children questions, telling them other families of victims hired him as a private investigator. This is how he met Lauren Winter. She insists on being his partner, refusing to give him a piece of evidence if her request is denied.

The Truth Is OutEdit

When Madison Paige finds out where Scott's apartment is, after Ann Sheppard tells her the name of her son John's twin brother, she breaks in. She can find clues about the Origami Killer in a secret room, as well as information on the whereabouts of Shaun Mars.

Entering the Secret RoomEdit

When Madison Paige enters the apartment, she has to discover something that can incriminate the Origami Killer. This is found in the secret room, which is located behind the wardrobe in the living room. She must open the wardrobe and search further by moving the rear panel of the wardrobe. This will reveal a hidden door, which she can then open to enter the secret room.

Killer's EvidenceEdit

The secret room contains the following evidence:

Madison can attempt to access the computer, but is denied by a password prompt. Madison has three attempts to guess the password and unlock the computer. On her third attempt, "Max" will be one of the options; this is the correct password. After unlocking the computer, Madison will find the address where Shaun Mars is being held.

Escaping the FireEdit

When Madison attempts to exit the secret room, Scott shows up and holds her at gunpoint. He cannot let her live since she knows that he is the Origami Killer, so he shoves her into the secret room and locks her in. Madison must now escape from the apartment as it begins to burn.

In order to escape, Madison must do the following:

  1. Knock on the walls and find the weak spot.
  2. Grab the radio on the desk, next to the computer.
  3. Smash the wall on the opposite side of the computer and enter it.
  4. Drench Madison in water from the shower to better avoid burns.
  5. Go for the bathroom door and pass by the flames.
  6. Push the chair out of the way and cross the bedroom.
  7. Cross the living room, push the cabinet down and climb onto it.
  8. Jump for the table. (If you are playing on Hard, you will have to press L1 after it appears on the screen.)
  9. Enter the kitchen through the white door.
  10. Open the fridge, clear out its contents, and hide inside of it to survive the explosion. (This will earn you a bronze trophy.) The other option is to use a hidden window behind the microwave as your escape. No matter your choice, Madison should survive the ensuing explosion.

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