- The Bear origami figure

"The Bear" is the eighteenth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Ethan Mars undertakes the first of the five trials that he has to complete in order to save his son Shaun. Written inside The Bear is an address and instructions to take a pickup card and go to the address.

Unlike the other four trials in this game, the player has no option to decline this trial. There appears to be an option to do so prior to initiating the real trial, but if chosen nothing occurs and the only remaining option is to proceed. "The Bear" is the first chapter that has an impact on the game's ending.


In the GarageEdit

Ethan walks into the garage and questions a man working on a van about the card; the man checks the card and remarks on how patient Ethan must have been as the car has been there for two years. The man fetches the keys and gives Ethan the location of the car. Ethan wonders about the car and his task and proceeds to the elevator to reach the level where the car is stored. Once on level 3 of the garage the player can find the location of the car by using the door unlock function on the keychain. Once in the car, Ethan searches for any further instructions and finds a GPS. Ethan turns on the GPS and is told he is 4 miles from his target destination. Ethan pulls out of the garage and follows the instructions given by the GPS.

The TrialEdit

When Ethan reaches his destination the GPS reveals the true trial: Ethan must show courage to save his son by driving down the wrong way of the highway for 5 miles in 5 minutes. Ethan debates the choice but decides to go through with the trial. After accepting the trial, Ethan pulls the car out of park and accelerates onto the highway. Ethan must drive quickly, avoiding all obstacles on the highway in a series of QTEs (Quick Time Events). For the two trophies for this chapter, Ethan must not only complete the trial, but do it using the best possible route.

The best route and the appropriate directions (on the easiest difficulty) are as follows:

  1. Right
  2. Tilt LEFT
  3. Right
  4. Left
  5. Tilt LEFT
  6. Tilt RIGHT
  7. Constant tilt LEFT & RIGHT (car is fishtailing)
  8. Tilt LEFT
  9. Tilt RIGHT (man changing tyre)
  10. Left and X or O
  11. Tilt RIGHT (workman)
  12. Tilt LEFT (workman)
  13. Tilt RIGHT (workman)
  14. Tilt LEFT (robotic workman sign)
  15. X or O
  16. Right
  17. Right
  18. Tilt LEFT
  19. Right (on approach to toll barriers)
  20. Tilt RIGHT (avoiding the cop car that swipes at you, this must be done SLOWLY. If sparks fly, you've done it incorrectly and are locked out of the Kamikaze trophy.)
  21. O or X
  22. Tilt RIGHT
  23. Right (hitting the police road block)
  24. X or O
  25. Tilt RIGHT
  26. Tilt LEFT
  27. O or X (as your car leaves the road)

After crashing the car, The GPS tells Ethan his "reward" is in the glove compartment and the key is inside the GPS. The next scene requires the player to free Ethan by manipulating the controls backwards, as the car is still upside down. Ethan breaks the GPS and a key falls out of it. Still buckled in, Ethan struggles to unlock the glove compartment. Once he unlocks it, one of the memory chips falls out and Ethan grabs the chip, unbuckles, kicks the door out of the car and escapes.

Once free of the burning car, Ethan uses the memory chip which is another clip of the same or a more recent video of Shaun trapped in a hole filling with water. The video fades away and is replaced with letters that fill in a portion of the address where Shaun is supposedly being held. Injured but determined, Ethan heads back to his hotel.

Ethan will sustain different injuries depending on how well the player executes the QTEs. If the player misses too many QTEs, the car will fly off the side of the road and the player will fail the trial. Ethan will not get any reward for the trial.


Bears are typically a shy and easily frightened species; however, if a mother bear believes that her cub is threatened, she will violently and fiercely defend her young. This reflects Ethan's aggressive determination to save Shaun, as well as the drive against the traffic mirroring the bear's charge. Courage (the requirement of this chapter) is also needed to face bears.


  • Kamikaze – Choose the perfect path on the highway.
  • Good Driver – Complete the Bear Trial successfully.
  • Trial Master – Completing this trial successfully contributes toward earning this trophy.


  • There are several bloopers in this chapter:
    • It is not possible for Ethan to put on his seat belt when entering the car in the garage, or when he arrives at the bridge. After the completed trial, Ethan will be shown regardless with his seat belt on, struggling to free himself.
    • In the second blooper, the garage keeper says that the car was there for 2 years (and no one came for it). It would be impossible to have a memory card inside the glove compartment with "fresh" video on it, unless the garage owner happened to be the killer or the killer somehow accessed the car without alerting the garage's staff.
    • There is also a blooper where interior shots of the car mid-level will show the gear shift still in the park position.
  • The car itself may have been heavily modified as it was able to outrun a police car. It is also possible that the pursuing police cars were exercising caution given Ethan's speed and the poor weather.
  • The car which Ethan drives is a 1995 Pontiac Sunfire.
  • The police officers are shown to be armed with Beretta 90-Twos.
  • This is the first chapter whose outcome affects what ending you will get.