- The Butterfly origami figure

"The Butterfly" is the twenty-third chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Ethan Mars undertakes the second of the five trials that he has to complete in order to save his son Shaun.

The TrialEdit

Ethan arrives at the abandoned Pico power station. His wounds from The Bear have been tended by Madison Paige in "First Encounter." He finds a way into the power station following images of a butterfly painted on the building, or enters through a hole in the fence to the left of his car. He finds a hatch and after opening it finds a long narrow tunnel that is just barely big enough for an adult male to crawl through. At the beginning of the tunnel lies a matchbox. Ethan takes the matches and lights one, using it to examine the tunnel. Finally, he climbs in and crawls into the darkness.

A few feet in, the hatch shuts behind Ethan, and he begins to have second thoughts. He keeps crawling, until something cuts his arm. He looks down and realizes he is facing a carpet of hundreds of pieces of broken glass through the length of the rest of the tunnel. The player must try to move slowly in order to keep the pain at a minimum. If at any time the player's pain gauge (shown by a red, pulsating aura surrounding the screen) reaches a maximum, Ethan passes out and is shown exiting the tunnel and failing the trial. Should this occur, he gasps an apology to Shaun and the chapter ends.

Depending on how you go through the maze, you may encounter a dead body -- almost certainly the body of another father who couldn't make it through the trial. The intact state of the body is what indicates that it must be of a recent victim. It is possible to complete the maze without seeing the body. If the player successfully continues, using the matches in order to find the direction of fresh air, he will eventually arrive in a small room.

When Ethan escapes the glass-filled tunnel, he finds another, smaller tunnel. Ethan gets in and slides down it at a dangerous speed until he is dumped out of it onto a ledge above live electrical condensers filling a large room in a grid.

The player can now choose to walk out of a door labeled "Coward", quitting the challenge and failing to retrieve the second set of letters, or they can begin moving through the electrical condensers. If Ethan is shocked too much, indicated by the same pain gauge as in the tunnel, Ethan will give up and leave through the Coward Door. If Ethan makes it to the other side, he receives another chip for his phone. It adds more letters and shows another video of Shaun. Ethan walks out, finishing the Butterfly Trial and heading to the motel for the third trial.


Maze: If you move at a disciplined pace and always keep a close, controlling eye on the red creeping into your vision, you should be able to get through this part with no problems. At any forks in the path, simply use the matches -- they will indicate where the wind blows. If you see the red in your eyes go up whilst remaining stationary, quickly move up a few steps (off of the dangerous spot you'd be in).

Condensers: Since not all of the pathways are connected, you should adjust the camera to a top-down view to find the easiest way. You will have to go through a button-pressing combination where you hold a button, then another, and can't release any buttons until promoted. The number of buttons you'll need to press corresponds to the power of the condenser. On the hard difficulty, this could actually be rather challenging; it is particularly important to pay attention and keep your composure while pressing the buttons. If you fail to go through a condenser and don't think you're up for it again, try going through a different route.

From a gameplay (non-story) perspective, there is virtually no reason to go through the "Coward" door, because getting shocked does not have many repercussions.


The origami references the fragility of butterflies and how they can be easily injured. Insects are also known to travel toward bright lights. In some cultures, butterflies are believed to be the souls of the dead passing onto heaven, similar to how Ethan must go through these fiendishly difficult trials for his son's salvation. Another reason this chapter may be named the butterfly is how Ethan must crawl through a narrow tunnel, resembling a butterfly's ability to move through very narrow situations (and how butterflies would be able to easily go through the electrical condensers).


  • Coward! - Give up or fail the Butterfly Trial.
  • Electrified – Complete the Butterfly Trial successfully.


  • It is possible that the body found in this chapter is the body of Susan Bowles' husband, and the father of Jeremy Bowles, the Origami Killer's most recent victim. The man may have attempted the trials in a plight to rescue his son, but failed and passed away. It could also be Allan Winter, Lauren Winter's missing husband.
  • During the maze portion, if the player holds R2 gently, Ethan will crawl slowly and he will grunt from pain less. However, this does not change his injuries at the end of the trial; he will still have the same scraped arms and knees.
  • If the player does not make any mistakes during the condensers portion, Ethan will not appear with any burn injuries in the following chapter (instead only appearing with the cut injuries he recieves during the maze portion).
  • It is completely impossible for Ethan to die (or even become physically incapable for the rest of the game) in this chapter, which is rather interesting considering how the broken glass and electrical condensers are something that could very easily become fatal.
  • It is unknown how the Origami Killer put the glass in the tunnel. There is one known entrance and one exit, although the killer couldn't have exited through the actual exit, as they most likely would have fallen to their death. 
  • It should also be noted that the killer's physical stature (particularly compared to Ethan) would make it difficult to spread the glass out. However, there is a possibility that the killer had someone else with a similar stature to Ethan spread the glass out inside the tunnel for them.

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