Didn't your mother ever tell you not to accept gifts from strangers?

— The Doc to Madison Paige

"The Doc" is the thirty-fourth chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Madison pursues a lead to the Origami Killer.


One of Madison's acquaintances alerts her to the location of a person connected to the Marble Street apartment where Ethan maimed himself. She arrives at the location, the home of an off the books physician known for writing illegal prescriptions. Adrian "The Doc" Baker invites her in after she claims to be interested in purchasing Betropen for her insomnia. He seems polite, but Madison is understandably apprehensive as he also seems to flirt with her. She replies to his inquiry regarding how she plans to pay for her prescription with "I'm not for sale."

Baker and Madison sit on a couch in the house's sitting room, and he offers her some wine. If Madison accepts his offer and drinks, she will be drugged and pass out. If Madison rejects his offer, Baker leaves Madison alone in the sitting room supposedly to retrieve her prescription. While he is gone, Madison will be able to search the house for evidence or links to the killer. Madison can find a card for the Blue Lagoon in Baker's bedroom; if the player times it right, Madison can then leave unharmed. If the player takes too long or makes noise, Baker will sneak up on Madison and knock her unconscious. Baker will also knock her out with a baseball bat if she walks too far down the hallway, calling her a "nosy little ferret" and getting angry at her for snooping.

If Madison was knocked out by either Baker's drink or attack, she will be tied to a heavy table in his basement when she wakes up. He prepares to torture and kill her, claiming that he's gone insane after no longer being able to perform the operations he once loved. Before he manages to hurt Madison, the doorbell rings. Baker makes a joke about trying to get work done and then leaves to see to the visitor. This interlude gives the player a chance to free Madison.

If the player fails to free Madison from the ropes, Baker will return, but he will be interrupted by the man twice more before inviting him inside and knocking him out. Baker will then return to Madison and kill her, noting that his next appointment has arrived early.

Once Madison is free of the ropes she will fight back. Depending on how well the player executes the following QTEs, Madison will either be killed or try to fake being knocked out. Once Madison is "unconscious," Baker begins to touch her legs, but she wakes up and attacks him before he can butcher her, killing him by drilling into his heart. She can then leave the house, and will automatically find the Blue Lagoon card on her way out if she was knocked out or drugged prior to finding it earlier.

If Madison loses the fight with Baker, he puts her on his table and begins to touch her legs and breasts, then proceeds to butcher her.


If Madison dies, she is permanently dead and the player will receive the "Dead Heroine" ending. Any Madison Paige chapters after this point will be skipped.



  • Smart Girl – Do not drink the Doc's beverage.
  • Queen of the Ropes – Escape from the ropes before The Doc returns.


  • This scene is similar to the climax of the movie Urban Legend, where the villain has the hero tied up intending to harvest her organs. The villain is distracted by another character, allowing the hero to escape and resulting in the villain's death. (The scene is a replication of the kidney heist urban legend.)
  • The man who rings the doorbell is selling bibles, which may be a reference to a guardian angel (as he prevents Madison from being killed).
  • The man selling bibles also looks very similar to the person driving the taxi Ethan Mars steals in "On the Loose."
  • The Doc's voice is very similar to Vincent's, though it is not known if the actor is the same.
  • The Doc is the third person with an optional fight; the first is Troy, and the second is Andrew.
  • The Doc also bears a strong resemblance to Dr. Christian Szell, the main villain from Marathon Man.
  • The Doc is modeled after the actor Christian Erickson, who is also known for his role as General Kormarov in the film adaption of Hitman, and his most popular role is that of Lance Boyle, the TV presenter in the MegaRace video game series.
  • A glitch occurs if Madison stays in Baker's house after finding the Blue Lagoon card. If the player escapes before Baker comes in there, in a split second Madison will exit the door and Baker comes in. Madison is soon teleported back inside and gets knocked out, and the motorcycle runs on its own, ending the chapter.
  • The quickest way to complete this chapter is to not drink the beverage, then go into Baker's bedroom, get the card, and leave before he returns.
  • The death scenes in this part of the game are seen by many as the most disturbing ones. This is because of the fact that Madison/Adrian can be brutally killed by a drill and Madison can also be murdered by many electric tools, which would be a brutal demise in real life.