- The Shark origami figure

"The Shark" is the thirty-third chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Ethan Mars undertakes the fourth of the five trials that he has to complete in order to save his son Shaun.

The TrialEdit

The Shark

The Shark origami figure seen in Heavy Rain; also, the picture of the trophy "The Shark"

The chapter begins with Ethan arriving at the home of Brad Silver, a drug dealer he must kill to complete the trial. Ethan nervously checks the gun he brought from the box and then knocks on the door. After the second knock Silver answers the door; considering Ethan's battered state and nervousness, he assumes Ethan is there for drugs. Silver yells at Ethan for trying to score at his home. Ethan pulls the gun on Silver, who backs up and tries to talk Ethan into putting the gun down. When Ethan hesitates, Silver punches him and grabs a shotgun hidden behind the door. A QTE starts where the player must avoid being shot.

Ethan runs through the apartment dodging gunfire as the dealer chases him. If the player is unsuccessful, Ethan is thrown out of the apartment and fails the trial. If the player is successful, Ethan is chased into a child's room, where Silver runs out of shells. Realizing Ethan still has a loaded weapon, Silver pleads with Ethan for his life and shows him a photograph of his daughters, Sarah and Cindy. He desperately explains he wants to see them again and begs Ethan not to shoot. The player can choose to kill Silver and complete the trial, or spare him and leave but fail the trial.

If Ethan decides to kill Silver, he says, "I'm a father too," and executes Silver. He takes a picture of Silver's corpse and sends it to the killer, then immediately vomits as he is overcome by the shock and gravity of killing the dealer. He then receives a message from the killer instructing him to check the butt of his weapon. Inside he finds another memory card.

If Ethan spares Silver, he will say "I'm a father too." He then knocks him out and says "But I'm no killer" and leaves.

Either way, the camera pans over to the picture of Brad's kids as the chapter ends.


  • Failure: Ethan will not get the rest of the letters, which means he will always have to guess the correct location or depend on Madison to tell him about the location.
  • Completion: Ethan will get the next set of letters.
  • The opening to "On the Loose" will change (pertaining to Ethan's dialogue at the start, if Madison is alive and appears in the chapter) depending on whether this trial was failed or completed.


  • I'm a Killer... – Kill the drug dealer.
  • I'm Not a Killer! – Do not kill the drug dealer.
  • Trial Master – Completing this trial successfully contributes toward earning this trophy.


It can be assumed that this trial is called The Shark due to how sharks are stereotypically powerful, violent creatures that are at the top of the food chain.


In some of the concept sketches for the game, Ethan was apparently originally supposed to stab Brad to death, not shoot him.