"Trapped" is the forty-third chapter in Heavy Rain.


In this chapter, Charles Kramer greets Scott Shelby and Lauren Winter at Shelby's home/office with his goon squad and takes steps to end their investigation.


The chapter begins as Scott Shelby enters his apartment. The door isn't locked and Scott finds Lauren inside with Charles Kramer and his goons. Kramer tells Shelby that he warned him not to investigate his son, and his goons knock Scott and Lauren out. Shelby comes to in his car as it is sinking in a body of water. Shelby is tied to the steering wheel and Lauren is unconscious.


The player can free Shelby by first removing the rope tying him to the steering wheel by shaking the controller twice. The front windshield will then start to crack. The player can free Shelby from the rope either by switching on the ignition and using the cigarette lighter to burn through it, or by breaking the speedometer glass and using a shard to cut through it.

After the rope is gone, the player can choose to escape the car by breaking the side door window to escape. The player can choose to allow Lauren to die or rescue Lauren by slapping her around a bit, then untying her rope and breaking the window. (You only have to untie her rope to rescue her.)

It is impossible for Shelby to die during this chapter. Shelby will still survive even if the player takes zero action, though Lauren will die.




  • If Lauren dies and Scott survives the entirety of the game, the player will receive the "Unpunished" ending.
  • If Scott Shelby dies in "The Old Warehouse," then the ending "Origami's Grave" will vary depending on whether Lauren is alive. If she survives, she will appear at his grave; if she is dead, she will not.
  • If both Lauren and Scott survive, Scott will receive the "A Mother's Revenge" ending.


  • In a rare glitch, the car door Lauren is leaning on turns invisible. Glass can still be seen breaking when Scott kicks the window.
  • This is the last playable chapter which Lauren appears in.
  • There is just one unplayable chapter which Lauren appears in if saved ("Goodbye Lauren") and two epilogues ("A Mother's Revenge" and "Origami's Grave").
  • Scott was most likely returning from the Blue Lagoon from "Fish Tank."
  • Even if you wait too long to escape the car, Scott will not die, but Lauren will. Particularly astute players will notice that Scott's "invincibility" is actually a point of evidence towards his secret.

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