aka Kelly

  • I live in VA
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is Professional memer
  • I am Female
  • LisaGarland

    Since I'm working on other wikis for the time being, I've really been neglecting to check this one. Many of you have notified me about vandalism, which I am unable to stop immediately due to my being preoccupied.

    So, I'd like to give admin rights to 1-2 trusted users on this wiki. Admin privileges will allow you to:

    • Block and ban users who vandalize the wiki, or repeatedly/seriously violate the rules
    • Rollback bad edits (use this sparingly; only for vandalism)
    • Delete a page or image
    • Undelete a page or image
    • Protect a page
    • Moderate the wiki chat
    • Access the admin dashboard
    • Edit the wiki theme design (please don't do so without asking me, please!)
    • Edit the wiki css (but seriously, don't touch this)

    As an admin, your main duty in this situation will be to…

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  • LisaGarland

    YAY! RENOVATIONS! This is why it may look a bit weird in some places, but I assure you it will be beautiful in the end! Have a suggestion? Just leave a message on my talk page! Have fun, and may you very much enjoy the wiki!

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  • LisaGarland

    Hey, guys. My name's Kelly and I'm the founder of the Tale of Tales Wiki and the Xenoblade Wiki, and an administrator on the Xenosaga Wiki, the Silent Hill Wiki, the Rule of Rose Wiki, the Clock Tower Wiki, and the Alice Wiki. Considering how I love Heavy Rain, I am deeply interested in adopting this wiki (becoming an admin). Once I get adminship, I plan to clean up the wiki, add nice skin and background, and more organize the templates and tabs. Please look at my work on the other wikis and support me becoming an admin so I can send my request to Wikia. Thanks!

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