Since I'm working on other wikis for the time being, I've really been neglecting to check this one. Many of you have notified me about vandalism, which I am unable to stop immediately due to my being preoccupied.

So, I'd like to give admin rights to 1-2 trusted users on this wiki. Admin privileges will allow you to:

  • Block and ban users who vandalize the wiki, or repeatedly/seriously violate the rules
  • Rollback bad edits (use this sparingly; only for vandalism)
  • Delete a page or image
  • Undelete a page or image
  • Protect a page
  • Moderate the wiki chat
  • Access the admin dashboard
  • Edit the wiki theme design (please don't do so without asking me, please!)
  • Edit the wiki css (but seriously, don't touch this)

As an admin, your main duty in this situation will be to counter vandalism. I'd like a person who has some experience with wiki editing and is a fairly regular user. If you're interested or have any questions, please leave a comment here on the blog.

Make sure you have read the Administrators' How to Guide as well.

Thanks! :)

PLEASE NOTE: Being an administrator does not mean you are, in any way, superior to other members. You are just a trusted user with a few extra buttons so you can better help the wiki - NOT a level up on a hierarchy. Abuse of these privileges will lead to your admin rights becoming revoked.

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