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  • Mythril Wyrm

    Determinant category

    November 6, 2017 by Mythril Wyrm

    Several users recently added a newly-created category called "Determinant" to many articles. I removed it from all of the articles and deleted it.

    Why? Because we already have a category for this purpose. It's called "Purgatory", and there's no need to create a new category with the exact same description and add it to articles. It doesn't make navigating the wiki any easier. It's important to look at the categories an article belongs to before adding new ones - categories are supposed to simplify navigation, not complicate or obfuscate it.

    If anyone has questions about this decision or policy, please let me know.

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  • Mythril Wyrm

    Characters' heights

    September 20, 2017 by Mythril Wyrm

    After a slew of unsourced edits were made in the last couple of days, I have finished reverting the characters' heights (and weights) back to the values that are, to the best of my knowledge, correct. I don't want to see any more edit wars erupt over this in the future, so hereafter I'm going to require any editors who change the characters' heights and/or weights to provide a source for their information. Official character biographies (i.e. those from Quantic Dream or a member of the Heavy Rain development team) are preferred, and all unsourced edits will be reverted. The same holds true for characters' dates of birth - if we want this wiki to be the definitive source of information about Heavy Rain, we need to make sure our information com…

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  • Mythril Wyrm

    After noticing that Leon95 is no longer going to be contributing to this wiki and talking to him about the lack of active admins, I have applied to adopt this wiki. I've noticed a number of articles that need to be moved and/or deleted (such as the article about Heavy Rain 2), and while I've seen very little vandalism during my time on the wiki, we do need people who can keep their eyes open for troublemakers, clean up and expand articles, and make sure that all of this wiki's content meets a high standard of quality.

    If my adoption application is accepted, I will appoint at least one other admin to help me out and carry the torch if something happens that forces me to stop editing. Considering the size of the wiki and the relative lack of t…

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