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    January 13, 2014 by Pof203

    If they should make a Heavy Rain 2, here's what I think would happen: Someone is preforming a copy cat crime of the 'Origami Killer'. And you have to solve the mystery before a life is lost.

    Here are the characters:


    • Shaun Mars: Age 16. Shaun is trying so hard to forget the day he almost died, but recurring nighterrors he has every night keep reminding him of that day. Because of this, he sometimes has back-outs just like his father. He hides this from his parents and stepmother as not to worry them. When the new Origami Killer is loose and kidnaps his adopted brother, Max, Shaun will do what he must to save him.
    • Ethan Mars: Age 44. Shaun's father, Grace's ex-husband, Madison's husband, and Max's adopted father. Depite that his life ha…
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